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User Guidelines for Online Registration by Citizen
In OdishaOnline portal, Citizen can Register to avail all the online services.
He has the following advantages as a Registered member
1. Can avail all the services under one platform.
2. Can view the history of transactions has done in the past.
3. Can get duplicate receipt for any transaction or payment done successfully.
4. Can view unsuccessful or pending transactions.
5. He can view the status of the applications pending for approval from dept. viz Birth and death certificates.
6. Also can move to the Dept. web site for authentication required before the certificate is issued to him.
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Steps for Registration:
Citizen has to type his desired User Name, Password, Name and Contact No.
He/she can view the Terms and Conditions,Privacy Policy and Security before clicking on the Submit button.
He has to confirm the security Code sent as OTP to his valid Mobile no befroe being registered as a member of the portal.  All these fields are mandatory for registration except email id.
After successful registration, an email and SMS will be send to his/her email-id(if any)/Mobile no for future reference.