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Vital Information for the Citizen to Pay Water Tax through Online
--> A citizen can pay online for Water Tax service here by logging in as a Citizen
--> Citizen has to register in the portal. Click here for 'Registration'.
--> After successful registration , you must login into the site using the above userid and password.
--> You should go to the appropriate link as per the service provider.
--> You  should keep the phsyical bill before payment.
-->A valid Consumer No. (A previous month copy of the bill may be used).
--> You should know the following in the bill provided by Water Tax.
--> Amount to be paid , if the Appropriate Amount of as per the Water Tax Bill.
    For Water Tax
  • If Consumer details are not found, you cannot pay the bill. Then please email us at or contact us at +91-674-2567606
--> You  can enter the above things as per the screen demands.
-->While paying You can select Netbanking(for Axis bank customers) and Debit/Credit Card(for all debit and credit card)[Visa, Master and Maestro enabled].
-->For above Online Payment Through Visa/Master/Maestro Debit Card, the card holder should have .
  • The 16/19 digit Debit card number in the debit card.
  • The Expiry Date in MM/YY format displayed in the card, not mandatary for Maestro Cards.
  • The CVV Number ( 3 digit code written on the back side of Visa/Master Debit Card, not mandatary for Maestro Cards)
  • The Master Card Secure Code/Verified By Visa Password ( If citizen donot have, they can generate on-line while making payment)
-->You must keep the reciept as a proof of token.In the reciept Transaction Id is the reference no from OdishaOnline and Bank Refrence no is refernce no from bank.
--> You can check the transaction/payment in "My Transactions".
--> If You does not get a reciept but your debit/credit card is debited with the amount , then You can go to "My Transactions" and search the transaction and can take a duplicate recipet. Duplicate reciept can be obtained by clicking "Ref No" link. . But if  your transaction shows in pending list of the transactions then you can check "verify from bank" link and can regenerate the reciept.For more queries or compalints , please write to us at:
Customer Care
Odisha e-Governance Services Limited,
OCAC Building, N-1/7-D Acharya Vihar Square,
Please email at